Sigma are enthusiastic about helping clients with business growth, efficiency and transformation.

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Where your business is going? – are you planning to grow or stay the same size, are you planning to take on different kinds of work – for example more commercial work, bigger projects, upskilling managers and leaders, understanding the skills and knowledge of your employees, and looking at the individual needs of each employee.

Once a plan of action has been agreed, Sigma will delivery results whether leading on business planning, strategic development, change, or providing business training or tender consultancy using three key steps:

Step 1: Business needs – This is where you look at future skills needs due to changes in technology, processes, products, employees or in response to economic or political changes like Brexit.

Step 2: Task analysis – This is where you compare the job needs of your business with existing employee skills and knowledge to identify the potential gaps. You will need to know how often each task is done, the level of skill and knowledge to perform these tasks and where and how these skills are best learned or “bought in”.

Step 3: Individual needs – This is where you review the training needs of each worker. You may ask each worker about problems that may be getting in the way of doing their job

Sigma make recommendations to support organisational change including changes to team structures, reporting lines and core tasks and may involve either recruitment or downsizing in certain areas of the business. If this is the case, we have expert people available who will guide you through the best course of action to achieve positive change.

Utilising our skills and knowledge, Sigma have multi sector skills experience to provide knowledge of proven management systems, tools and methodologies which will support:


  • Cost-effective solutions drive positive, sustained growth in your business.
  • Building strong, personable relationships with Boards and leadership teams – based on professionalism, integrity and taking an objective approach to supporting your business.
  • Work in close partnership with you – quickly understanding what makes your business tick and identifying ways to improve performance and achieve excellence.
  • Our work is directly tailored to your specific business growth requirements and therefore what’s most important to your business.